Funny Animal T-Shirts : Because Animals Are Just So Dog-Gone Funny!

I don't know why, but animals can just be so funny on a t-shirt sometimes. Dogs, cats, sea-horses, dinosaurs, unicorns... It doesn't really matter what species of animal, wild or domesticated, past or present, real or fictional, they're just good fun. We think you'll love our Funny Animal T-Shirt designs. Or if you're not an animal person with a sense of humor, we've got lots of other funny t-shirts for sale as well.

Chicken Tastes Like Chicken
Holy Cow Bat Man
Sorry, I'm a Little Horse.
Pi Rat Shiver Me Numbers
Sad Party Dinosaur
I Iz Rawring At U LOLCAT Kitteh
I Iz Rawring At U LOLCAT Kitteh
Reflexes Of A Cat
Number 1 Giraffe Pick
Pony Express - By Land or by Sea
Rabbit = Hip Hop... Kangaroo = Hip Leap
Rabbit = Hip Hop... Kangaroo = Hip Leap
Cat Person
Pianosaurus Rex

Have you always been an animal lover? Are you a freak for giraffes and dinosaurs, dogs and lolcats? AWESOME! VFT Definitely has animal and pet shirts for you. If you wear a different funny animal shirt each day of the week, you can keep your friends, family and pets laughing till the cows come home! We currently showcase cats, dinosaurs, sea horses, giraffes, rabbits and kangaroos, and we're working on some new ideas we think you'll go ape for!

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