Funny College Student T-Shirts : College/University style T-Shirts with Funny Sayings & Slogans

These Funny T-Shirts might be mistaken for an ordinary shirt from your local college or university, but take a closer look. Each one has a funny saying or a funny slogan. We think you'll love our Funny College Student T-Shirt designs. Or if you're not into the funny side of education, you'll find we have lots of other funny t-shirts as well.

Learning Is For Loosers

College students are definitely t-shirt wearers. That's right. We've got you figured out. We know you like to be as lazy and comfortable as possible. That's okay! We like that! We've got some great college and university style designs, as well as other education and school related shirts to make you happy! And just because you may be a student, doesn't mean we don't have plenty of other products for you. Check out the rest of our selection by using the drop downs at the top of the site.

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