Funny Geek T-Shirts : Tech Related Designs for All You Geeks Out There

If you're as geeky as we are, you'll love all of our Funny Geek T-Shirt designs. Or if you're not ready to unleash your inner-geek, you can view all of our funny t-shirts on our main t-shirt page.

Vary Smart
No Brains No Brawn
This is a T-Shirt
Ask Me About Stuff. I Know Things!
Here Come the Frobots
Pi Rat Shiver Me Numbers
I Iz Rawring At U LOLCAT Kitteh
I Iz Rawring At U LOLCAT Kitteh
Bad Robot
Bluetooth Headset

Yeah, you're a geek. We know it. We're geeks too. Developers, programmers, hackers. You'd fit in here at Very Funny T-Shirts, because we speak geek. No nerds allowed though. And if you think there's not a difference between the two, then you're definitely a nerd, not a geek. Geeks are into tech stuff, computers, the interwebs, gaming, coding, cool software, etc. And nerds, well... they're just not cool. Enough said.

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